Respawn May Add Forgiveness System for Players Going Up Against Hackers

Respawn may come up with a system to alleviate the issue of hackers.
Respawn may come up with a system to alleviate the issue of hackers. / Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends may receive a forgiveness system added into ranked games due to hackers in the mode. Ranked can be extremely stressful and there's no worse feeling than knowing you lost a match because you came across a hacker. And it's another gut punch to lose RP because of it. Because of this, Respawn has considered adding in a forgiveness system.

In the latest Respawn response video from their YouTube channel, the Apex Legend design director Jason McCord directly announced that the situation and problems with cheaters were being looked at. He then stated that they would think about instituting a system where players could retroactively get their RP back if a cheater was discovered in their match. Considering how frustrated players have been over hackers in ranked, it's nice to see Respawn directly come out and address their concerns.

Of course, this doesn't mean change will come immediately, and it may not be the same system he proposed. It's a decently complicated issue, as being too generous will lead to players exploiting a system to farm RP. But of course, they can't leave this problem alone. At the very least, it's probable a solution is currently being brainstormed or pondered by Respawn. Hopefully, they can find the correct balance to fix their problem with hackers without going overboard.