Respawn Previews New Apex Legends Map Storm Point

Storm Point is a dangerous tropical forest.
Storm Point is a dangerous tropical forest. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/EA

Respawn Entertainment has released a written preview of Storm Point, the new map set for release in the game's 11th season.

Storm Point is an abandoned IMC research base located on the planet Gaea. Principal Apex Legends designer Rodney Reece says it's the biggest Apex map yet, and about 15% bigger than previous record holder World's Edge.

One of the map's many departures from previous arenas is in its use of Gravity Cannons in place of redeploy balloons. These cannons launch players long distances in predetermined directions. As they sail through the air, players can still use all their weapons and abilities, and can slightly affect their trajectory.

Storm Point is also home to three different forms of wildlife. Prowlers and their dens can be found across Storm Point. They'll warn players with growls if they get close to those dens, but once they get too close, more Prowlers will come out of the dens and attack offending players.

Spider eggs are scattered around the map. Dealing damage to these eggs will spawn a swarm of giant spiders looking for revenge. These spiders have less health than Prowlers, but faster, and will shoot webs from afar before moving in for the kill.

Flyers return on Storm Point, carrying loot as before and spawning at randomly selected spawn locations.

Nests spawn in the same location and type in every match on Storm Point. When players clear a nest, it stays cleared for the rest of the game. Clearing one of these nests can drop loot specifically tuned to your squad's weapons, crafting materials, and a EVO Armor points.

Storm Point has 17 named locations, plus smaller camps filled with loot players can use as alternatives to the hotter drop spots.

Storm Point launches with Season 11 at the start of November.