Respawn Removes Rampage and Sentinel From Apex Due to Exploit

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Respawn has temporarily removed both the Rampage LMG and the Sentinel Sniper from Apex Legends due to an exploit that allowed for indefinite charges.

A new exploit has been wreaking havoc in Apex matches lately. This one involves the Rampage LMG and the Sentinel Sniper, allowing players to keep both weapons continuously charged. Naturally this exploit has made both of these weapons pretty unstoppable and relentless, only serving to further frustrate those caught on the receiving end.

Respawn Removes Rampage and Sentinel From Apex Due to Exploit

Thankfully, the exploit has caught Respawn Entertainment's attention, with the two guns being temporarily removed from matches until the issue has been resolved. Respawn announced their decision via Twitter, informing players that a new update has been deployed.

The update also aims to address the recent Mil-Spec Bangalore skin glitch, which quickly crashed the game for anyone who had it equipped. There was a simple workaround, though. Players would need to reload the game and not equip the bugged skin. Despite the bug, the skin is still purchasable from the in-game store, though it won't be present until its been fixed and re-enabled.

This exploit follows a long string of weapon bugs and glitches that have been plaguing Apex for quite some time. Fans have previously called for Respawn to dedicate an extensive amount of time, going as far as to call for an entire season, to be dedicated to the fixing of the rampant bugs.

As we head into a new year, players can only hope that Respawn remains committed to tackling these issues as quickly as they emerge.