Respawn Reveals How Revenant Makes it Into the Apex Games

Respawn Entertainment has revealed more information and lore on Revenant.
Respawn Entertainment has revealed more information and lore on Revenant. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment has revealed more information and lore on Revenant which explains his introduction in the Apex games. On Thursday, Respawn revealed part of Revenant's backstory which showed him as a robotic assassin who was once human. He's seeking revenge on those that changed him into the monster he is and will kill anyone that gets in his way.

That would include Forge.

It appears, the remaining leadership of Hammonds Robotics and the Syndicate will put Revenant in the Apex Games. They make mention there are other people who are supposed to be next in line to join after Forge, but since the commissioner hasn't been heard of in over a year, they don't think it will be a problem sneaking Revenant in.

We have yet to see Revenant's full abilities, but they have been leaked for some time.

Most of our knowledge of Revenant's abilities comes from a leak by That1MiningGuy in a video he posted in early December. Based on the video and a look at the game files, it appears that Revenant will have two different stances: "Regular Stance" and "Shadow Stance."

His passive ability, Infiltrator, is present in both of his forms and allows him to walk faster and climb higher walls than other characters.

Revenant's Regular Stance has two tactical abilities. Although there are no names for these abilities, one fires a poison dagger that reveals the target's location and the other launches a poison bomb that will damage and slow any targets hit. His ultimate ability in Regular Stance is named Death Recall and is rumored to be a totem which can be dropped in the area to protect its users from death. Users that are either killed or downed will be returned to the totem with just 20 health.

Revenant's Shadow Stance also has two tactical abilities. Shadow Walk allows Revenant to move silently and faster for six seconds, with the ability reseting the cooldown on kills. Shadow Step sends out a Shadow Revenant which the real Revenant can teleport to. His Shadow Stance ultimate can create a doorway through walls that lasts five seconds.

Respawn Entertainment has not confirmed that these abilities will all be a part of Revenant's kit, so there is some possibility his abilities will change before his expected release.