Respawn Still Focusing on Tap-Strafing Removal

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment has assured the fan base that they are still planning to remove tap strafing. After discussing the topic last summer and announcing they were planning on removing it, the fix was delayed back in September.

"The Apex Legends team has recently discovered some unexpected side effects of our planned changes to tap-strafing," Respawn said in a tweet. "It is still our intention to address some of the most egregious use-cases of tap-strafing, but for now we are delaying our planned change to a later patch. Movement is sacred in Apex. We weigh every change to these systems carefully and value feedback. After further testing, we've concluded we need to take more time to get this right to make sure related movement mechanics aren't caught in the cross-fire."

Now, John Larson responded to a few different social media posts asking if tap strafing could be added to consoles alongside other movement-specific things. It answer was pretty straightforward.

"My gripe with tap-strafing isn’t that it’s only accessible by MnK. As I mentioned in the post, it exists as a design problem (not a balancing mechanic) where the lack of readability and how it compounds with movement abilities are the biggest causes for concern. Take something like Path grapple, arguably the highest skill-ceiling ability in the game. There are identifiable cues and constraints where players can learn, “If grap attaches at x point and Path is moving in y direction, he’ll move roughly along this arc.”'

Tap-Strafing isn't meant to be in the game and Respawn Entertainment is looking to remove it alongside looting while moving for console players. It's a bug and they don't plan on fixing it for PC players. Although it's rather difficult to implement it for console players.