Respawn to Fix Apex Legends No-Shield Damage Indicator Color

Apex Legends will become more accessible to colorblind players after this fix rolls out.
Apex Legends will become more accessible to colorblind players after this fix rolls out. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/EA

Respawn Entertainment says it will fix a change that hurt its accessibility to colorblind players within the next week.

Apex Legends is typically a very carefully designed game, with plenty of visual cues to tell the players exactly what's going on. One example of that is how the damage indicators that show up when shooting opponents change color based on the quality of their shields. But that particular feature has run into a stumbling block.

Apex Legends player u/TheScrollFeeder posted to the game's subreddit to point out that the damage indicators for headshots are the same color as those for golden shield body shots.

"The problem isn't major but does cause a major problem in-game when someone is using a gold shield," they wrote. "I am colourblind and so is my brother, since no one else has complained about this we assumed it was a distinctly different colour to gold like green. We cannot see the difference in these colours or find it super hard to distinguish. If it was possible to change this to the original colour it would make it 110% easier to see the difference."

Apex Legends technical game designer Aaron Li responded to the post to thank TheScrollFeeder for the bug report, and to assure them a fix was coming.

"I personally think this is a major issue, and I think it is safe to say a number of us at Respawn also feels [that way]," he wrote.

"We wanted to get this hotfix out earlier, but sadly, things were a bit hectic last week and we had to delay a whole bunch of stuff, and this fix was part of the postponed."

Li also said that, because it was a client hotfix, testing for the fix was more rigorous and would take a few days.

"Assuming nothing goes wrong, you should see an update within the one calendar week," he said.