Respawn to Improve Apex Legends Anti-Cheat as Pro Players Call Out Hacking Issues

Photo Courtesy of @alphaintel on Twitter

Cheaters and hackers have plagued lobbies in Apex Legends since the game first launched. Respawn has worked nonstop to limit the number of cheaters in lobbies over the years, including launching an anti-cheat team and anti-cheat system for the game.

On July 21, an Apex Legends developer confirmed Respawn is again “working” on anti-cheat improvements after pros have recently complained about hackers continuing to ruin lobbies.

Apex pro player HisWattson criticized Respawn Entertainment via Twitter on Thursday by sending a message to cheaters telling them the best time to play to avoid a ban.

"Dear Apex Cheaters," he wrote, "If you play from 1-7 on NA servers your chances of getting banned are way lower because the ban team isn't awake. Just making this public knowledge so hopefully EA will do something about it."

When content creator Jake Lucky highlighted the tweet, Respawn Entertainment security analyst Conor "Hideouts" Ford called the tweet "cringe."

HisWattson replied, "Yeah it's really cringe that I have to get prefired and aimbotted for the first 3 hours of every one of my streams until you guys decide to roll out of bed."

In response, Hideouts assured HisWattson improvements were being made to the anti-cheat system, and criticized his accusatory language.

"Saying 'until you guys decide to roll out of bed'. Childish comment and unnecessary," Hideouts wrote.

"Why would we announce what we are working on to implement? So cheaters can be aware?" he added.

The thread continued back and forth, with HisWattson and Hideouts arguing over the anti-cheat and Respawn's efforts. Respawn has worked to implement updates for the anti-cheat quickly since creating it, however cheaters and hackers continue to find ways to break the game.