Apex Legends

Respawn Will Make Downed Apex Quitters Count as Deaths Next Season

Photo by EA

Respawn has announced a part of the next season update that has fans excited as they will no longer be penalized for their opponents rage quit.

Soon, players who are downed and decide to quit will be counted as a death, thus giving the person who downed them another kill for that game.

Nothing is more frustrating than downing your opponent in-game and then realizing they quit before you are able to get your kill.

On a Reddit post, a Respawn Live Technical Designer said, "I have a change that makes quitting count as a death."

With developers finally taking notice of this problem, it has been announced that in the next season, players who quit after being downed will be counted as deaths. This is something that fans of Apex Legends have been begging for a long time to be added.

Fortnite had this same problem earlier in its' stages before it was also quickly changed.

Taking away this bit of urgency from a player's perspective allows people to not have to worry about finishing off their target quicker than they need to.

This will allow for players to be more tactical and careful while in the midst of battle.