Respawn Working on Kraber Changes, Apex Devs Confirm

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends developers have confirmed that changes to the Kraber are coming to make it less divisive.

The Kraber has been a weapon of hot discussion within the Apex community. This powerful sniper has been known to one-shot opponents, with players and pros calling on the weapon to be removed from Ranked play and competitive altogether.

Thankfully, Respawn producer Josh Medina took to Twitter to reveal that plans were in the works for the Kraber. Medina responded to a fan expressing their frustration witht the weapon, and said, "We are trying to make you hate the kraber less I promise."

Medina then put out an open question in the thread, asking "What do you think is a way to address the kraber without: Removing it or nerfing it’s damage?"

Many responded to the call with their own suggestions. Some recommended that a small nerf could suffice, so that the weapon can't insta-down a player with good armor. Others claimed that reworking the Care Packages altogether would be the only way.

Streamer and Team Liquid Apex Team Manager Crusader responded, "Have the announcer play a message saying "Attention, a Kraber is in play" every time someone picks one up."

It's unclear exaclty when we'll see the changes roll out for the Kraber, considering the suggestions being pooled, it's likely to be a little while yet. At any rate, its clear that Respawn are listening and are keen to keep things balanced.