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Return to Lordaeron Achievement Guide: How to Start, Who Can Complete It, Rewards

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Shadowlands 9.2.5 is wrapping up some loose ends left all the way back in Battle for Azeroth including finding an "old" home for the Forsaken and giving players a chance at earning new cosmetics.

Return to Lordaeron Achievement Guide: How to Start Alliance and Horde

The Return to Lordaeron achievement starts in Oribos in the Shadowlands. You should see a quest icon in The Enclave portion of the city. Calia Menethil will be the focus of the whole quest and starts the process. It's called "Call to Lordaeron," and you'll be asked to follow her to Brill in Tirisfal Glades. If you're on the Alliance side, you'll talk to Genn Greymane in the same area of Oribos. That quest is called "Eyes of the Wolf."

Be aware, to earn the Dark Ranger customization, you'll need to complete the quest as a Hunter.

Return to Lordaeron Achievement Guide: Who Can Complete It

Every class and faction can complete the achievement and earn the Dark Ranger customization, but only Hunters can earn the Dark Ranger attire. While any character can unlock it, only Blood Elf, Void Elf, and Night Elf characters can actually "equip" the customizations.

To finish the questline and earn the achievement, you must complete the following quests. It will involve the Forsaken begin rebuilding Brill and meet familiar faces such as Dark Ranger Velonara and Lilian Voss. Using the assistance of the plaguemasters of Maldraxxus, you'll restore the surface of Tirisfal Glades and the Undercity.

  •  Eyes of the Wolf /  Call to Lordaeron
  •  Assemble the Forsaken
  •  This Land is Ours
  •  The Blight Congress
  •  Walk of Faith
  •  Consulting Our Allies
  •  House of Plagues
  •  Feed the Eater
  •  Essence of Plague
  •  Embodiment
  •  Return to Brill
  •  The Remedy of Lordaeron
  •  The Desolate Council
  •  Path of the Dark Rangers /  Path of the Dark Rangers
  •  Report to Greymane /  A Walk with Ghosts

Return to Lordaeron Achievement Guide Rewards

After you finish the whole questline and report to either Greyman or Menethil, you'll unlock the Dark Ranger character customization. And if you're a Hunter who completed the achievement, you can purchase the Dark Ranger attire.