Returnal Pre-Order Bonuses Explained

Returnal is set to arrive on April 30.
Returnal is set to arrive on April 30. / Photo courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment

Returnal's pre-order bonus includes two unique rewards. With the game set to arrive on April 30, players have several days to take advantage of this deal.

Returnal is an upcoming third-person shooter with science fiction and psychological horror elements and roguelike action. It features Selene, a space pilot equipped with a high-tech suit and several weapons. She finds herself isolated on the alien planet of Atropos and is stuck in a time loop which allows her to resurrect after each death.

With Returnal set to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, it will feature advanced haptic feedback with the console's DualSense controller. The game will also include immersive 3D spatial audio. It was developed by Finnish game developer Housemarque and will be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Returnal Pre-Order Bonus

Players looking to get their hands on Returnal currently have the option of pre-ordering it. By committing to a pre-order, they will obtain a bonus which includes two unique in-game suits. These outfits include the ASTRA Model 14 Tactical Suit and the ASTRA Model 9 Prototype Suit.

In addition to the Standard Edition of Returnal, there is also a Digital Deluxe Edition which will include a variety of items:

  • Electropylon Driver weapon
  • Hollowseeker weapon
  • One Reflex Stimulant consumable
  • One Pulsating Mass artefact
  • One Adrenaline Booster
  • Digital soundtrack
  • Two in-game suits for Selene

Players looking to lock in a pre-order of Returnal can head over to the PlayStation Store. The Standard Edition is priced at $69.99, while the Deluxe Edition costs $79.99.