Returnal Reconstructor: What Does It Do?

Description of Returnal's Reconstructor.
Description of Returnal's Reconstructor. / Courtesy of Housemarque/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Returnal Reconstructor is a door with a humanoid shape carved into it. While the game never explains what its purpose is, in this article, we will explain its functions.

For the price of six ether, you can use the Reconstructor. However, its function will remain unknown until you die in the game. It will serve as a fancy save button, in that if you die, you will return to the place you last used the Reconstructor. The following tweet features the cinematic that is activated upon using the Reconstructor.

Returnal Reconstructor: What Does It Do?

The clip, from Cesar Exposito on Twitter, shows what happens if a player has enough nether to pay for the fee. The animation looks as though the player is stuck in the leg of the humanoid carving of the Reconstructor. The "door" closes, and the item is lit up which means it is activated. The game will notify players that the Reconstructor is turned on.

Bear in mind that this is exclusive for one use, you would have to pay more nether in order for the Reconstructor to serve its purpose. This gadget is useful for players who have advanced far into a specific biome, and if they do not wish to start all over again, it might be best for them to use a Reconstructor rather than having to play from the beginning.

The item will bring you back to wherever you used it, so if you move ahead by a lot and wish to take a break, pause the game. Rest Mode might help, but if you turn the console off completely, it will take you to where you last used the door. Bearing that in mind, have fun playing Returnal and don't let your biome progress get lost!