Revenant Player Executes a Horror Movie Finish

This Revenant play is reminiscent of a horror movie
This Revenant play is reminiscent of a horror movie / Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

It is not everyday a player witnesses an unexpected cinematic masterpiece like the one shown below. This clip, posted on the Apex Legends subreddit by u/MechaPizza on Friday shows SPYROZILLA playing as Revenant.

The player and their two teammates spot the enemy in the distance. The enemy is caught off-guard looting a deathbox. SPYROZILLA misses the first shot with the Peacekeeper but is able to hit the second and deal 40 damage.

As a deterrent, the enemy throws a grenade toward the player. The grenade lands off-target but is still able to deal some damage. The attack is quickly countered and the enemy is blinded with a smoke. SPYROZILLA puts away the Peacekeeper and pulls out a sidearm to challenge the enemy head on through the smoke. The player then knocks the enemy with an RE-45 and executes a finishing move to eliminate the opponent.

For whatever reason, in this sequence, the Twitch Prime skin glitches out on both characters and the horror movie commences. Through the smoke, as the Revenant goes in for the kill, his eyes glow and he completes his finishing move with maniacal laughter.

The player is then free to heal up and loot the enemy.