Rhyperior Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Rhyperior, the superior choice
Rhyperior, the superior choice / The Pokemon Company, edited by Jack

Rhyperior Pokemon GO is a Pokemon trainers eagerly look forward to catching. With over 3000 CP at its disposal, Rhyperior has quickly shot up the ranks as an extremely viable Pokemon League contender. Its tough outer-hide and incredible strength make it a catch to be feared.

Fortunately, its pre-evolved form, Rhyhorn, seems to be a fan favorite, so chances are Feb. 22's Community Day won't be the last time we see Rhyperor's chain featured.

Rhyperior Pokemon GO: How to Catch

The best way to catch Rhyperior is by looking for its pre-evolved forms: Rhyhorn and Rhydon. All three can be encountered in the wild according to your trainer level. Rhyhorn would be the most common you could find, but players have reported seeing wild Rhydon around, too.

Both of these Pokemon tend to be on the rarer side of things. Unfortunately, this means that your chances of encountering them in the wild are fairly low. Rhyhorn enjoys open areas like parks—perhaps reminiscent of its Safari Zone—and Partly Cloudy or Sunny weather.

Rhyhorn may also be hatched from 5km eggs.

Rhydon is similar, but, as an evolved form, is more likely to be found in raids. It cannot be hatched from eggs. Trainers can evolve a Rhyhorn into a Rhydon with 25 candies.

Rhyperior follows suit, but is much more common in raids and is much easier to acquire through evolution. It takes 100 candies and a Sinnoh Stone to get Rhyperior from Rhydon.

Additionally, these Pokemon can be encountered as part of Research Rewards and Breakthroughs.