Rhyperior Pokemon GO Moveset: Best Moveset

Forrest's Rhyperior from the Pokemon anime
Forrest's Rhyperior from the Pokemon anime / The Pokemon Company via Bulbapedia

Rhyperior Pokemon GO is a titan for both PvE and PvP content. This rock and ground-type is a terrifying opponent to see on the battlefield with its place in the upper echelon of combat power. I

t makes sense that trainers voted to see its pre-evolved form, Rhyhorn, for the recent Community Day on Feb. 22. No doubt that several trainers were looking to add a Rhyperior to their roster.

Rhyperior, itself, may require some evolutionary help on your part—but it intents to pay you back in kind with the strength it can bring.

Rhyperior Pokemon GO Best Moveset

As a rock and ground-type, trainers will want to focus on the best rock and ground moves. This over 3000 CP Pokemon knows how to stick to its strengths and its trainer should, too—especially when factoring in the Same Type Attack Bonus of 20%

The best quick moves you'll want are "Mud-Slap" and "Smackdown." Mud-Slap does exactly 12.9 damage per second (DPS) while Smackdown does 16. While one does hit harder than the other, either is viable.

The best charged moves for Rhyperior are "Earthquake" and "Stone Edge." Earthquake is a favored move among ground-types, doing 40 DPS. However, some believe Stone Edge is the superior choice with multiple charge bars, giving a performance at 52.2 DPS.

As with any Pokemon game, there is no one right way to bring up your team members. Some find more success with one set than the other. Fortunately, which a Pokemon who can reach nearly 4000 CP like Rhyperior, future content rewards will be an easy catch.

Unless, of course, your opponent knows about all its counters before your League match.