'Rick and Morty' Fortnite Skin Leaked

Rick and Mortnite. Rick and Forty. Something like that.
Rick and Mortnite. Rick and Forty. Something like that. / Photo courtesy of HYPEX/Not0fficer

Fortnite is set to expand its "Rick and Morty" crossover by adding a Morty skin to the game, according to data miners.

Fortnite first began its adventures with the Adult Swim high concept sci-fi show in Chapter 2 Season 7, when mad scientist and bad grandpa Rick Sanchez joined the game as the reward for reaching level 100 on the battle pass. Now, his grandson Morty has been discovered among Fortnite's files.

'Rick and Morty' Fortnite Skin Leaked

Prolific data miner HYPEX, working alongside Not0fficer, uncovered evidence of a Morty skin in Fortnite, showing that the character will operate a mech in order to stand as tall as the standard Fortnite skin. The skin also appears to have a corresponding back bling modeled on the backpack he wears in the series, and an emote called "Get Schwifty" based on the song of the same name written in an episode of the show.

The Morty skin was discovered alongside skins for Will Smith (based on his "Bad Boys" character, Mike Lowrey), Janky (a friend of Guggimon's), and Guy from the movie "Free Guy."

HYPEX and Not0fficer did not hypothesize on when these skins would arrive, but they're likely to ship in the game's next big update.