Rick Fox to Reportedly be Ousted From Echo Fox

Rick Fox, three-time NBA champion and co-founder of esports team, Echo Fox, is being removed from the organization, according to a report from ESPN.

According to a recent report from Jacob Wolf, a letter was sent to Fox, stating that over 80 percent of limited partners found that Fox was not acting within the best interest of the organization's business. The letter stated that Fox repeatedly worked against the company's best interests, its various partners, and even alleged to "burn this company to the ground."

Furthermore, Fox reportedly attempted to poach three Echo Fox employees in an attempt to make his own company. Also mentioned in the report was how Fox declined a $30.5 million offer from the esports organization, Evil Geniuses, which was also against the interests of Echo Fox's shareholders.

Evil Geniuses recently replaced Echo Fox in the LCS as a franchise.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games