Call of Duty

RICOCHET Anti-Cheat Kernal Driver Leaked, Hackers Already Reversing It

RICOCHET was supposed to fix Call of Duty's cheating problem. One of the main reasons players have been leaving Warzone has been the massive amount of cheaters. It feels like every day someone posts a clip on Reddit showcasing a new trick. Just recently, hackers were flaunting unreleased skins, seemingly without care of repercussions.

Activision has been well aware of the problem and has tried marketing against the cheaters, promising players a fix. That was the hope of RICOCHET. But now, the war could be lost before it even started.

According to Anti-Cheat Police Department, a kernal driver was leaked, and cheaters and hackers are already working on reverse coding and deciphering the program.

In a forum post, the Anti-Cheat PD shared their thoughts on the whole situation,

"Cheat developers are not afraid of the RICOCHET Anti-cheat, and to be fair most cheats already operate at the kernel level for a very long time, it is down to the developers at Ricochet if they have the skills to detect these cheats now, the playing ground is now even."

The hackers are even adding money back guarantees to their product pages, that's how confident they are that the cheating will remain.