Call of Duty

Ricochet Unable to Target Cronus and Controller Hacks, Activision Working on Fix

After nearly three years, Activision has placed some level of proper anti-cheat into the game. While it is great to see the first steps taken toward a hacker-free game, there are already issues arising. Third-party devices, such as the Cronus Max are having trouble being detected by the anti-cheat. This opens the door for hackers to run as rampant just as they have in the past until Activision is able to properly update the anti-cheat to handle third-party devices.

The developers of Call of Duty and Warzone came together and stated that there would be an anti-cheat released when Call of Duty: Vanguard launched. However, they decided to roll out the first step of their anti-cheat early, to help curb the issue of hackers somewhat. A big hold-up with the current build is the impact on third-party software. Some controller players use technology such as the Cronus, which, when used improperly, can hold cheats on it to then be used in games, including Warzone.

It seems that the developers of the anti-cheat are aware of the issue with these third-party devices and are working towards a solution, but are running into some hiccups along the way. They seem to be facing issues detecting these devices, but are doing their best to fix this issue moving into the future. A lot of what happens when it comes to detecting cheats on these devices involves Sony and Microsoft helping to detect them when placed onto a controller. When the full anti-cheat is released with the launch of Vanguard hopefully most of these issues will be fixed, and loopholes closed, but for now, controllers still present a huge security risk when it comes to cheats.