Rime Sigma Lands in Overwatch Winter Wonderland

Rime Sigma hit Overwatch live servers Tuesday
Rime Sigma hit Overwatch live servers Tuesday / Blizzard

Rime Sigma arrived in Overwatch on Tuesday as part of the year's Winter Wonderland festivities. It is Sigma's first event skin after Blizzard passed over him during Halloween Terror, the first event for which he was playable.

Rime Sigma screenshot
Rime Sigma screenshot / Blizzard

Rime Sigma Skin

Rime Sigma is named for the frost formed when water vapor in a cloud or fog freezes — a process that is the inversion of sublimation. The Overwatch skin turns Sigma into a classic Blizzard lich, with pale blue-white skin, glowing blue eyes, and plenty of skull accents on his armor. His long white hair particularly calls to mind World of Warcraft's Lich King, Arthas.

Rime Sigma Price

Rime Sigma is priced at 3,000 coins, which has become the standard for event-based Legendary skins. It can also be acquired through random loot boxes, themselves purchasable using real world dollars.

Rime Sigma Release Date

Rime Sigma was one of four Legendary skins to land in Overwatch on Tuesday, Dec. 10 alongside the year's Winter Wonderland event.

How to Get Rime Sigma

Rime Sigma can be acquired either through a direct coin purchase or by opening a lucky Winter Wonderland loot box. The skin will become unavailable when Winter Wonderland ends Jan. 2.