Riot Aim to Tackle Toxicity In Valorant's Ranked Play

Photo by Riot Games/Valorant

Riot Games' battle against toxicity in their popular FPS Valorant as it continues to be a problem for many players. Now it seems that Riot is looking to take their fight to the next level in the next few patches.

Riot to Ban Ranked Players With Chat Restrictions

Having good communication is essential in every ranked game mode, after all a team that is openly working together can prove to be a big difference towards the end result. However, it becomes infinitely more difficult to enjoy the game when your teammates are verbally berating one another in a very hostile manner. Riot has seen this and are looking to implement a system that will allow them to ban any player that has been given a chat-restriction in-game. As shown in their most recent Reddit post.

This could prove to be a huge step in Riot's attempts to combat the on-going toxicity that has been plaguing Valorant lobbies that has been around since the days of the beta. As for how effective this will prove to be in the long run remains to be seen, but here is hoping we are one step away from being able to enjoy Riot's new FPS without the fear of overly aggressive players spouting nonsense.