Riot Defends Unique Abilities of Raze and Killjoy

What is Valorant's identity? A gun based game or an ability based game?
What is Valorant's identity? A gun based game or an ability based game? | Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

Riot Games' tactical shooter Valorant, is meant to be centered around a player's aim and skill. The agents' abilities within the game are meant to supplement the gunplay.

However, with the impending release of Killjoy, Riot has seen push back on the new agents kit and damage-dealing abilities, mainly those of Raze's.

What is the Problem?

Of the twelve agents, Killjoy and Raze are the only ones that have considerable offensive capabilities. While others are focused on information gathering, establishing defensive positions, or obscuring vision, both seem to create a noticeable imbalance among the agents.

The majority of Raze's and Killjoy's abilities have immense damage potential if they are not dealt with correctly. That's what makes Raze a low-elo monster. Even after her ultimate ability was nerfed, it has the capability to completely wipe a team with a click of a button.

Ryan "Morello" Scott, a Character Design Lead for Valorant, tweeted out a response to those concerned with the recent addition of the turret wielding German agent and abilities that do damage.

Given the amount of criticism that Riot has drawn in the past few days and the fact that Act 2 of Valorant will be releasing Aug. 4, expect developers to closely watch Killjoy.