Riot Fixes Valorant Bug Allowing KAY/O to See Through Walls

The game-breaking bug allowed KAY/O to see enemies through walls
The game-breaking bug allowed KAY/O to see enemies through walls / Photo by Riot Games

A game-breaking bug that featured Valorant's newest Agent was resolved Thursday. The bug allowed KAY/O to see through walls using his suppression ability, creating an noticeable advantage for KAY/O's team. According to Ryan Cousart, a game designer on the Valorant team, the bug should be changed with a hotfix released

The game-breaking bug was first reported on Reddit, with Riot investigating the issue to determine the problem and resolve it. KAY/O's utility allows the unique suppression ability, which neutralizes the opponents caught in the midst. With the bug, players affected by the suppression ability were marked with a triangle visible through walls and other obstacles, allowing KAY/O and his team to snag easy kills.

With the hotfix released, the bug should be gone, providing great relief to Valorant players. It's early, KAY/O has already made serious waves across Valorant, with his suppression ability adding an entirely new dimension to the game. The Episode 3 update has also provided a shake up, with Agent balancing, new price increases and decreases, as well as changes to how weapons function.

It's expected that with a major update such as this one, that there will be hotfixes and patches to supplement the new content, so players should keep their eyes peeled for bug or glitches and report them to Riot. For now, players will have their hands full dealing with KAY/O, and exploring all the new possibilities he presents for Valorant.