Riot Games Confirms Valorant Episode 8 Map Rotation

Here's the confirmed Valorant Episode 8 map rotation.
Here's the confirmed Valorant Episode 8 map rotation. / Riot Games

After numerous leaks. Riot Games finally confirmed the Valorant Episode 8 map rotation, and fans are less than thrilled.

Valorant Episode 8 Act 1 is right around the corner with a few major changes set to shakeup Riot Games' FPS. The Outlaw Sniper is reportedly coming to Valorant as the first new weapon in the game's history, joining the Marshal and Operator as another long-range option. Also, a Controller Agent, codenamed SmokeDancer, will make their debut in the Episode, becoming Agent 25 in Valorant.

Along with the weapon and Agent changes, there will also be a new map pool in Valorant Episode 8. Here's everything we know about the return of the least popular map in Valorant.

Riot Games Confirms Valorant Episode 8 Map Rotation

Riot Games confirmed the Valorant Episode 8 map rotation in a recent post on X, officially announcing the return of Icebox. Surprisingly, though, they also added that Lotus will receive changes as well.

While we do not know exactly what updates are coming to Icebox and Lotus, we do know that the Valorant Episode 8 competitive map rotation will be:

  • Ascent
  • Bind
  • Breeze
  • Icebox
  • Lotus
  • Split
  • Sunset

The decision to bring back Icebox is controversial at best, especially when fans would much rather see an improved Pearl or Fracture return. Icebox has always been a polarizing map, and its return does not exactly inspire excitement among the Valorant community. Hopefully the changes coming in the new Episode will make the map more competitive with a balanced design on both the attack and defense.

What Map is Leaving Valorant in Episode 8?

Haven is leaving Valorant in Episode 8. The map will join Fracture and Pearl as the three unavailable options in the latest update. As of now, the developers have yet to reveal why they chose to remove Haven over more obvious choices, like Ascent.

Unfortunately, it will likely be months before Haven returns to Valorant. Based on how long Icebox, Split, and Bind remained out of the game, Haven might not be back in the rotation until the summer of 2024 at the earliest.