Riot Games Fixes Valorant Jett Bugs

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

After accidentally giving Jett some pretty harsh nerfs in the most recent patch, Riot have released a hotfix to restore Jett to her former overpowered glory. This bug was met with mixed reactions, some who couldn't wait until Riot stepped in and fixed it, but there were also those who felt this was a needed adjustment for Jett, and that some change like this was necessary to the balance of the game.

Riot Games Fixes Valorant Jett Bugs

This bug involved multiple facets of Jett's kit. Her dash had been severely nerfed, making it much more difficult when being used aggressively. Players would now have much longer weapon pull-out animation when dashing, causing them to have to be more careful when deciding whether or not to enter with it.

Her updraft was also tweaked, making the price 200 credits. This created a situation where Jett would have to more closely consider using her ability for fear of wasting extra cash. This bug really seemed to be a planned future nerf for the character, aimed to move her more in line with the rest of the duelists. Worsening her movement abilities would restrict her in many ways, but in many players' eyes, this would make the game more balanced.

Regardless of what players thought of the changes, they were clearly not meant to be put into the live servers. Whether or not some form of these changes makes their return in the near future as real nerfs to Jett remains to be seen, but as the definitive best Duelist in Valorant right now, it was nice to have about a week where other entry characters got a chance to shine over Valorant's mascot Agent.