Riot Games Has Champion Easter Egg Teaser in the Works

Riot Games has slowed down on the login screens for champion launches and even pre-release hype for new champions, but explained the reasoning on a forum post.

While login screens and teasers for champions are still around, the frequency has dipped considerably. The forum post was called, "Where are the Champion Teasers and Login Screens?" Rioter HansAxel was the one to respond.

"Sometimes we do something that doesn't work, which feels bad. But we try to remember those learnings. Yuumi and Qiyana did have champion teasers that came out before the main gameplay trailer. To shed some light on that process, we spent a lot more time and resources on those videos (esp. the 3D intros of the Qiyana and Yuumi Trailer) than we have in our past champ videos.. and I think the overall quality surpasses a lot of the stuff we showed in the past (besides the million $ CGs of course)."

Here's the money line, "We didn't do an in-game Easter Egg for Yuumi and Qiyana, but that doesn't mean it's off the table! In fact, we have one in the works..."

Usually Easter Eggs can be a hint toward the next champion in line and it can be teased in a multitude of ways. Things like concept art on social media, or an image in the login screen, store, even a new game mode. Usually the hint is subtle and will only be caught once Riot Games reveals it at a later date.

So keep your eyes peeled for any type of hint.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games