Riot Games Introduces VCT Game Changers Events

Photo by Riot Games

Valorant developer Riot Games introduced a new tournament series on Tuesday called VCT Game Changers.

According to a press release, VCT Game Changers is, "a new program to supplement the competitive Valorant season by creating new opportunities and exposure for women and other marginalized genders," within the scene.

Riot Games Introduces VCT Game Changers Events

VCT Game Changers was inspired by the success of last year's FTW Summer Showdown, an all-women Valorant Ignition Series event. The VCT Game Changers Series will run alongside the Valorant Champions Tour.

The VCT Game Changers Series will allow women teams to gain experience, with the goal of more representation and inclusivity in the Valorant Champions Tour. Riot Games will also be collaborating with Galorants for the VCT Game Changers Academy, a series of smaller-scale tournaments for aspiring competitors.

Valorant's popularity with women players has led some of the world's top esports organizations to create all-women Valorant teams. One notable team among them is Cloud9 White, but Dignitas and GODSENT also field women Valorant teams.

Amerian esports juggernaut Evil Geniuses notably fields a first mixed-gender team including Claudia "Clawdia" Che and Christine "potter" Chi, who serves as the team's in-game leader. VCT Game Changers could lead to more organizations creating all-women teams or signing the best talent for their Valorant squads regardless of gender.

The VCT Game Changers initiative will not just provide women with a larger platform but will open the door for more inclusion of other marginalized genders in the community. The VCT Game Changers Series is set to begin in March with a North American competition.

More information on VCT Game Changers can be found here.