Riot Games Reveals New Valorant GO Vol. 2 Skin Bundle

Image courtesy of Riot Games

A new skin bundle for Valorant GO! Vol. 2 has been officially announced, after previously leaking on the ValorLeaks Twitter account yesterday.

The new bundle is an anime-inspired take on some Valorant's agents, who will appear on the side of these new weapon skins. Such agents include, Raze, Viper, Sova, Phoenix, and Yoru. The bundle features skins for weapons such as the Classic, Ares, Vandal, and Operator, and a new Melee skin.

In this new Valorant GO! bundle, Raze will appear on the Ares, Viper will be on the Classic, Sova will be on the Operator, and Phoenix will appear on the Vandal. As for Yoru, he'll be appearing on a Melee skin.

In a previous weapon skin bundle, Cypher, Sage, Reyna, Killjoy, and Jett were the featured agents. This bundle also depicted the agents in an anime style, so the new set will be the second batch for this particular theme.

How Much Will the Valorant GO! Skin Bundle Cost?

The new bundle is expected to cost 8,700 VP, the same as the previous bundle. In addition to the skins, the bundle will include gun buddies, player cards, and sprays of the featured agents, all in their new anime style.

The bundle will go live in the Valorant in-game shop from today, so be sure to check it out if you like the look of these new skins .