League of Legends

Riot Games Reveals Vex as Next Champion in League of Legends

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Riot Games revealed Vex: The Gloomist as the next playable champion in League of Legends. Teased during the Sentinels of Light event, Vex will arrive in Patch 11.19. You can first test her out on the PBE on Sept. 8, while her full release will arrive on Sept. 23.

Riot Games definitely had a theme in place for the newest champion. In the trailer, Riot shows off plenty of upbeat and lively champions, all enjoying their time on the rift. Then the camera pans in on Vex, gloomy and melancholic. Basically, Eeyore, but with violent tendencies. She has a shadow that seems to be the source of her power and abilities.

While we'll have to wait until the PBE to see her specific abilities, Vex has some type of counter to magic abilities, hence dodging Fizz's attack. She also has a type of skillshot and AoE stun.

The character design is fairly remarkable as many female players have been campaigning for years for more unique champions instead of the same ol' body types. Everybody can relate to someone who doesn't want to meet people or go outside. It's basically Generation Z in champion form.