Riot Games Unveils Final Valorant: State of the Agents for 2021

State of the Agents 2021 Banner - Valorant
State of the Agents 2021 Banner - Valorant / Photo via Riot Games / PlayValorant

Character Producer, John Goscicki, wrote a final blog post to close out this year's Valorant State of the Agents articles.

"I wanted to send out one more update and give some insight into next year. But first, thank you to everyone who has played VALORANT over this past year," Goscicki wrote, "It’s been a wild ride, the fan art, cosplay, memes, hype af plays—all have been more than we could have ever imagined."

Valorant: State of the Agents 2021

This month's post goes into detail on the year of 2021 for the game. Both on the subject of previous updates, agents added, and future plans for the game.

Valorant: Year in Review 2021

The order of agents released for Valorant this year are as follows:

1. Yoru

Released Jan. 12, 2021.

2. Astra

Released Mar. 2, 2021.

3. Kay/O

Released June 22, 2021.

4. Chamber

Released Nov. 16, 2021.

Yoru will be getting a rework sometime early next year, according to developers, and they've said they will also be addressing the balancing problem within the game.

Balance in Valorant

Goscicki wrote, "We spent a lot of time towards the end of 2021 looking at how we work, restructuring some of the team, re-prioritizing work, and welcoming many new members to the team."

The team behind Valorant has announced that next year will be used to focus on balancing issues, saying that agents will begin to get updates throughout the first 6 months of the year.

More information behind these updates will be announced soon.

Valorant: Next Agent Teaser

Lastly, they begin a section of the post in Filipino, which hints that the next agent may be of Filipino descent.

The above image was included in the post.

In the blog post, they wrote, "Kicking off next year is an Agent who can outpace the rest of the roster, shocking the competition, and sliding straight into the fight."