Risk of Rain 2 Chest With Timer: How to Open the Chest in Time

Photo courtesy of Hoopoo
Photo courtesy of Hoopoo /

Risk of Rain 2 chest with timer is all about timing While on Rallypoint Delta, you'll come across a chest you can't open. It doesn't need a key or gold, but instead, it requires you to be on time!

There are two different time domains depending on if you are playing solo or multiplayer.

Risk of Rain 2 Chest With Timer

In solo mode, you'll have 10 minutes to make it to the chest, while in multiplayer you have 15 minutes. There is no increased loot depending on the difficulty so you should switch it to easy mode. When you load up the game, don't delay. Spend all your time getting to the chest. The boss should be rather easy on the easiest difficulty, then hop into the teleporter. Now the hard part. The chest is spawned randomly, so good luck searching around the map for the chest!

The first patch of the game went live on April 3. There were quite a few changes to the game but only one of the playable characters received some significant changes.

○ Reduce base movement speed from 9 to 7 to match all other Survivors
○ Reduce base damage from 12 to 11
○ Increase Transport Mode speed boost from 200% to 220% to compensate for his lost base movement speed.

The main focus was on bug fixes with over 20 different bugs fixed. With reportedly over 500,000 players, fans can expect many more patches and updates introducing new content and fixes.

Photo courtesy of Hopoo Games