Risk of Rain 2 Cloaked Chest: How to Find

Risk of Rain 2 Cloaked Chest is one of the toughest items to find in any game. Why? Because it is almost completely invisible.

Risk of Rain 2 Cloaked Chest

The cloaked chest is a structure found in different environments. Unlike other chests, the cloaked chest does not need to be purchased. But it is difficult to locate as it is almost completely transparent; it only slightly distorts its background.

How do you find such an elusive chest? More than likely, you might accidentally run into one. Watch for the "Open Cloaked Chest" prompt that comes up if you walk near one. Otherwise, the Cloaked Chest gets locked when the teleporter is charging, so it might be easier to spot the chest then. They also come up as red spots on the map during boss battles.

Perhaps the most useful tool you can use is the Radar Scanner, which will reveal all intractable items within 500 meters for 10 seconds.

Risk of Rain 2 is one of the most popular indie games on Steam. The developers are planning for the game's future. Could the Bandit be the next class released?

Photo courtesy of Hopoo Games and Gearbox Publishing