Risk of Rain 2 Redacted Challenge: How to Complete

Risk of Rain 2 Redacted Challenge is one of the achievements players will need to complete in the newly released Risk of Rain 2.

Risk of Rain fans were pleasantly surprised to see Risk of Rain 2 arrive in the Steam Store last Thursday. Risk of Rain 2, which is currently in early access, builds upon the gameplay fans loved in the first game. Risk of Rain 2 includes an extra dimension, randomized environments and enemies, and up to four player co-op play.

Here's how to complete the Redacted Challenge in Risk of Rain 2.

Risk of Rain 2 Redacted Challenge: How To Complete

To complete this challenge, players will need to open the Timed Security Chest in less than 10 minutes. The Timed Security Chest only spawns in Rallypoint Delta, which means you’ll need to complete two areas before you can even start looking for the chest.

The Timed Security chest can be a difficult challenge so you might need to make multiple attempts to find it in time. It's recommended that players use the Huntress character because she can move while firing and that will save you some time.

Cover photo courtesy of Hopoo Games and Gearbox Publishing