Rite of Descension Genshin Impact Quest Guide

Photo courtesy of miHoYo Limited

Genshin Impact's Rite of Descension quest is the first part of the four-part greater Archon Quest. Before beginning this quest, players must first defeat Stormterror, reach Adventure Rank 23, and complete the Ending Note quest.

Once all of the aforementioned objectives have been accomplished, players can begin the quest. Here's our guide to the Rite of Descension quest in Genshin Impact.

Rite of Descension Genshin Impact Quest Guide

The quest should kick off immediately at the conclusion of the Ending Note quest when Paimon directs players to travel to Liyue Harbor, south of their current location.

Players should be prepared for a long journey as Liyue Harbor is quite a ways away from where the Ending Note quest concludes. Upon arriving in Liyue Harbor, players will need to speak with three of the locals of Liyue Harbor: Bolai, Guanhai, and Linlang.

After players speak with the locals they should proceed to Yujing Terrace where they will be prompted to pray and make a wish. Following that, players must join the crowd and wait for the Rite of Descension to begin.

Once the Rite concludes players will then talk to Paimon and, afterward, they will need to escape while avoiding detection from the guards. Luckily players don't need to be extraordinarily stealthy as the guards will only detect characters when looking directly at them.

Liyue Harbor in Genshin Impact, home of the Rite of Descension quest, part of the Archon Quest
The Rite of Descension quest takes place in Liyue Harbor / Photo courtesy of miHoYo Limited

After players successfully escape they will meet Childe and be prompted to go to Northland Bank to talk with him. Upon talking to Childe, players will have completed the Rite of Descension quest and be able to move on to the second chapter of the Archon Quest. They will also receive 375 Adventure EXP, 4 Adventurer's Experience, 11,550 Mora, three Mystic Enhancement Ore, and one Sigil of Permission.