Rizzo Rocket League Retirement Revealed

Rizzo Rocket League Retirement
Rizzo Rocket League Retirement / Photo courtesy of G2 Esports

On March 18, Dillon “Rizzo” Rizzo announced his Rocket League retirement. Rizzo stated that he will be stepping down and retiring from competitive Rocket League, and moving into the content creator space full time. He will finish with the season with G2, while G2 will look for a replacement to step into the void left behind.

Rizzo Rocket League Retirement

Rizzo has been involved in competitive Rocket League since 2015, and has been with G2 since early 2017. He will be retiring having won several North American Championships, and taking second place in the Season 7 World Championship Series. Now, with more than 570,000 followers on Twitch and 600,000 YouTube subscribers, he will be stepping into full-time content creation exploring a variety of ways to interact with his audience.

After five-and-change years of competitive Rocket League, Rizzo explained that his decision to retire is driven by a lack of motivation. The desire to compete has decreased too much for him to enjoy the competitive scene. Rizzo’s leave also means the end of the current longest-standing duo in professional Rocket League, as he and his teammate, Jacob “Jknaps” Knapman, have nearly reached 1,500 days together.

Rizzo will play in this weekend’s RLCSX NA Regional event, while substitute player, Andres “Dreaz” Jordan, will play in the Grid series. The Grid series runs alongside the regional events during the spring split. While Rizzo remains available to the team, G2 will continue to look for his replacement for the remainder of the season.