Roadhog Baits Enemy Wrecking Ball Off the Map With Insane Hook Play

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The clip begins with Blue team's Lucio, Moira, and Wrecking Ball pushing onto point alongside Roadhog, u/guster09. Wrecking Ball swings through point, knocking the enemy Lucio off the map while Moira dies to the enemy Wrecking Ball's proximity mines. Roadhog decides to stop moving and even taunt the enemy team by looking up and down continuously.

The Wrecking Ball sees Roadhog standing still all on his lonesome near the edge of the map and decides that it is a prime opportunity to use their grapple to enter fireball mode and knock Roadhog off the map. Unfortunately for the opposing Wrecking Ball, that is exactly what Roadhog was planning to happen.

As Wrecking Ball uses grapple moves to knock u/guster09 off the map, they jump perfectly in-time with Wrecking Ball hitting them. The result is that Roadhog is sent incredibly far back, all the way to the ledge close to his spawn. While in the air though, u/guster09 hooks Wrecking Ball, pulling the opposing tank off the map with no grapple remaining to save himself.

In the end, the Roadhog survives looking like an absolute genius while the Wrecking Ball plummets off the island of Ilios, likely beyond angry with himself.

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