Roadhog Gets Stunned Six Times in Just 20 Seconds

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players frequently complain about many aspects of the game but love it anyway. This Roadhog player, u/Sealio_TV may not be loving the game after his most recent online encounter.

While defending, his opponents were pushing the cart to the third and final checkpoint on Blizzardworld. Sealio popped out from their hiding spot and hooked the opposing Roadhog in the process. Little did Sealio know, that tiny decision would set off a chain reaction guaranteed to make any player rage.

After being hooked by Sealio, the opposing Roadhog was stunned out of Whole Hog. Then that Roadhog hooked Sealio back to try and kill them as fellow attackers arrived as reinforcements. As the attackers rounded the corner, chaos ensued and Sealio's ability to stay cool was seriously tested.

The opposing Mei placed an ice wall between Sealio and their team and then froze them as well, stunning them for the second time. Amazingly Sealio stayed alive and started rushing back to their team immediately after the ice wall dropped. Though, they didn't get far as the attacking Ana proceeded to hit them with a sleep dart stunning Sealio for the third time in less than 10 seconds.

Once Roadhog woke up, McCree hit them with a flashbang but the attacking team once again failed to deal any significant damage. Sealio then arrived to the cart alongside his teammates. Though the feeling of joy didn't last long as the Mei managed to freeze the Roadhog a second time. Luckily for Sealio, their teammates pumped them full of heals to sustain them.

Finally, moments after the freeze wore off, the attacking Sigma lobbed an accretion from downtown to stun Sealio for a sixth time in just 20 seconds. Amazingly, despite the constant damage being directed at Sealio's Roadhog and the insane number of stuns, they stayed alive the entire time.

All the players who air their grievances about Overwatch should keep in mind this incredibly unfortunate series of events that must have left Sealio dumbfounded and frustrated.