Roaming Repair Tool WoW 9.2: Everything You Need to Know

Courtesy of Blizzard / Screenshot: @MrGMYT

Wanting to obtain the Roaming Repair Tool rewards? Here's what you need to know.

With Patch 9.2 going live in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, mounts, pets and cosmetics can all be obtained in the new zone, Zereth Mortis. Many of the newly obtainable items come from defeating new rare spawns or completing tasks for them.

While the Roaming Repair Tool Treasure doesn't offer a mount or pet, its completion is required for completing the Treasures of Zereth Mortis Achievement. That being said, the Roaming Repair Tool Treasure does offer certain rewards. While gear, vendor trash and various other items drop, the big-ticket item that all players are farming is Cosmic Flux. Cosmic Flux is used to upgrade Legendaries to Rank 7 this patch.

Roaming Repair Tool WoW 9.2: Everything You Need to Know

To start the treasure hunt, find the repair tool above the Crushed Supply Crate in Zereth Mortis. After obtaining the repair tool, speak to Hiu Fi, located where the repair tool is found. Hiu Fi will reward you with the Jiro Hammer. Use the hammer to break the rocks over the treasure, then loot the treasure and the rewards are yours.

While the rewards in the supply cache are rather underwhelming, farming the treasures around Zereth Mortis is a great way to farm resources for crafting and upgrading gear in Patch 9.2. Additionally, farming the treasures and completing the achievement will grant players with additional reputation, which is crucial this patch.

Happy treasure hunting, players!