Rock Love spray Fortnite is one of the keys to completing the Fortbyte series of challenges, specifically to access Fortbyte #92. Here’s how to do it.

Rock Love Spray Fortnite: Where to Find Fortbyte #92

The challenge for Fortbyte #92 was made available to players Sunday, revealing the clue that will lead to its solution. That clue reads “Accessible by using Rock love Spray near a lavafall.”

The Rock Love spray is a Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass reward that players unlock by reaching tier 2. The spray is a prerequisite for unlocking Fortbyte #92, much like how the Frozen Sentinel skin was necessary for collecting Fortbyte #26.

With the spray equipped, head to the largest rock in the lava flow coming out of Pressure Plant. Near the north side of the rock you should find Fortbyte #92. Use the spray on the Fortbyte and it will become accessible, letting you complete the challenge.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games