Rocket League BMW Hitbox Explained

Photo via Psyonix / Epic Games

Rocket League's cars have different hitboxes depending on the model car the player is using.

All cars fall under six specific hitboxes:

  • Breakout
  • Dominus
  • Hybrid
  • Merc
  • Octane
  • Plank

Check out everything we know about Rocket League's BMW model hitbox.

Rocket League BMW Hitbox Explained

The BMW M240i falls under the Dominus Hitbox, one of the most balanced hitboxes in the game.

The different hitboxes in the game mean that players have to know which car has what hitbox to maximize their playstyle. Knowing the hitbox means that they can take advantage of that to get some awesome plays in-game.

The Dominus Hitbox is one of the best choices for those players that are new to Rocket League. Below, you can check out the dimensions for the Dominus Hitbox.

1. Length: 127.9268000

2. Width: 83.2799500

3. Height: 31.3000000

Dimensions are important because it can judge whether a car's type is good for a specific playstyle. The Dominus Hitbox, specifically, is perfect for defense and last second flicks because it's so long.

Despite it lacking in height, the length makes it perfect for this type of playstyle.

Other cars that fall under the Dominus Hitbox include ‘89 Batmobile, DeLorean, Ecto-1, Lamborghini Huracán STO, Samus’ Gunship (Nintendo Exclusive).