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Rocket League Error 404: How to Fix

Photo courtesy of Psyonix/Epic Games

Rocket League PC players are running into an error whenever the launch the application. A few seconds after loading in the game crashes and a Discord error 404 message appears on players' screens.

Players quickly began examining the issue and took to reporting it. No further investigation is needed, as Discord has spoken and a fix has emerged. Here's how PC players can fix the error and get back into Rocket League:

Rocket League Error 404: How to Fix
Players across a multitude of games, including Rocket League, are running into an error 404 screen preventing them from playing / Photo courtesy of Discord

Rocket League Error 404: How to Fix

Before diving into how Rocket League PC players can fix error 404, it's important to note that the bug is caused by Discord and must be fixed through there. There is nothing wrong with players' Rocket League application itself.

There are two solutions to fix the Discord error 404, one unofficial and one officially endorsed by Discord.

Using the unofficial fix that many players have found working for them requires players to run Rocket League and wait for the application to crash. Once the game crashes players should go into their Discord User Settings, then to Activity Status where there should switch off "in-game Overlay." Once this feature is turned off players should be able to go back to Rocket League and resume play.

While many players have noted this fix works, Discord themselves discourages players from using this solution, noting that it will inhibit other features and only fixes the error temporarily.

Instead, Discord officially suggests that players completely restart their computers. Booting them back up should absolve the error, allowing players to dive back into gaming while simultaneously being able to leave their in-game overlay enabled.

If neither of these fixes work for players then they should proceed to submit a help request to Discord Support for further assistance on resolving the error.