Rocket League Fan Clash Explained

Photo Courtesy of Rocket League

Coming along with the highly anticipated Rocket League World Championship, Rocket League will be implementing the Fan Clash.

Players who participate in Fan Clash will be able to represent their favorite teams and win some pretty sweet rewards.

Rocket League Fan Clash Explained

What is Fan Clash

Before the World Championship even starts, players will sign up to be a part of Fan Clash. During the signup process, players must choose one of eight teams to be a part of. Those eight teams are:

Endpoint CEX
FaZe Clan
Furia Esports
G2 Esports
Moist Esports
Team Bos
Team Falcons
The General NRG

For signing up, you will receive two items which we will discuss later. Players who have already signed up and picked a team will then have challenges to complete. The three challenges are:

  • Play 5 Online Matches
  • Get 35 Shots on Goal in Online Matches
  • Win 10 Online Matches


Now for the good part, the rewards. The two rewards you will receive after signing up are the "Team Player" player title and the RL Esports player banner.

For each challenge you complete, you will win a reward. The rewards you will receive are:

Play 5 Online Matches: LFT Topper
Get 35 Shots on Goal in Online Matches: Helios Boost
Win 10 Online Matches: Rival: Infinite Wheels

And now for the big rewards. These are the prizes depending on which place your selected team ends up. For clarification, this isn't based on what place the team earns in the actual tournament, but on the points they accumulate through this system. Teams earn points through goals, assists, and saves.

7th-8th Place: 1 Rare Drop
5th-6th Place: 2 Rare Drops
4th Place: 1 Rare Drop, 1 Very Rare Drop
3rd Place: 2 Very Rare Drops
2nd Place: 1 Very Rare Drop, 1 Import Drop
1st Place: Gold Painted Ballistic Pro Goal Explosion, "Team Titan" Player Title, 1 Import Drop