Rocket League Free-to-Play Goes Live Sept. 23

Rocket League is going free-to-play Sept. 23
Rocket League is going free-to-play Sept. 23 | Photo courtesy of Psyonix

Rocket League, the popular vehicle soccer game will be free-to-play starting Sept. 23.

After months of speculation the game developers of Rocket League have confirmed that the title will go free-to-play Sept. 23. Psyonix penned a tweet announcing it the start date for the free launch.

In addition to the announcement, Psyonix confirmed that Sept. 16 will see an update to prepare for the transition into a free play platform. The update will enable players to link their Epic account enabling cross-platform progression. Additionally, long time Rocket Leauge players will be granted legacy items.

Rocket League Free-to-Play September 23

On Sept. 23 when the title officially goes live, the game will appear in the Epic Games Store and tournaments/challenges will be available to players. An in-game event titled Llama-Rama will then go live after an additional update.

In an official PlayStation blog post, Psyonix Editorial Manager, Max Parker, confirmed that competitive ranks will begin as a Season 1 feature once the free-play is live. So experienced players will want to keep their skills sharp ahead of the late-Sept. launch date.