Rocket League Garage Down: How to Fix

Rocket League Garage services are down
Rocket League Garage services are down / Photo courtesy of Rocket League Garage

On March 9, a fire affected a Rocket League Garage service provider's datacenter causing their services to be down for maintenance while they assess how to fix the situation. Their website leaves users with this message: "A serious fire has destroyed a datacenter which hosts some of our services. According to the provider, everybody over there is safe! We're working to restore our backups elsewhere, but the downtime will continue well into today. We're going to keep you posted on Twitter via @rlgarage - Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your support!"

Rocket League Garage Down: How to Fix

At this time, Rocket League Garage users will need to continue to exercise patience as the trading hub works to fix their services.

For those who wish to be continuously updated during this incident, the best way to receive news about Rocket League Garage is to follow the RL Garage Twitter account directly. Users have also been communicating with each other on the various updated threads regarding the incident, but for the site itself, there is no workaround for users trying to utilize the service at this time.

Additionally, those who are still looking to trade for cosmetics, cars, and various other items in the game can use RL Trading Post, a mobile app available for similar services that Rocket League Garage offers. Until the data is fully imported it does not look like RL Garage services will be available for any users.