Rocket League Gridiron: Everything You Need to Know

Rocket League's Gridiron LTM features new NFL car themes
Rocket League's Gridiron LTM features new NFL car themes / Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Gridiron, Rocket League's limited-time game mode, ends today, Feb. 8. This U.S.-style football game mode features new ways to make use of in game mechanics. It most likely won't be around again until the next Super Bowl in 2022, so here is everything you need to know if you want to get in on the action before the event ends.

Rocket League Gridiron: Everything You Need to Know

1. Bounce Mechanics

Gridiron introduces new mechanics while making full use of familiar ones. For starters, the football flies and bounces similarly to how the soccer ball bounces. The difference being that the football will quickly flip higher or further depending on how close to the point of the pigskin touches the ground, and the power behind the touch.

2. Possession

You don't dribble the football. Once your car touches the football it automatically latches to the top of your car. Bumping into other cars, both teammates and enemy, will make the offensive car lose possession. It is possible for any car to directly steal the ball from another car as well.

If time runs out and the ball is touching the ground, the game ends. This happens regardless of whether or not you actively have possession.

3. Scoring

Keep the ball attached to your car and drive or jump into the opponents goal. This will award your team with seven points. Any ball that enters the goal unattached to a car is worth three points - AKA safeties and field goals.

Much like the standard Rocket League gameplay, only the full ball needs to pass the line in order for a team to score. Once a team scores, the cars reset starting points and the ball is awarded to the team that was scored on. The standard soccer goal has been left in the game mode for this year's event.

4. Boost

Boost will instantly drop to zero once your car has possession of the ball. Contrarily, any player without the ball - offense or defense - will see their boost recharge over time automatically. Boost pads are still available for pick up as well.

5. Ball Direction

The ball will leave your care based on the direction in which your car is pointing. Pointing down will see the ball go towards the ground, and likewise to the ceiling. Jumping once will let you keep possession of the ball. You can jump and change your direction without losing the ball.

6. Passing

There are multiple ways to pass the ball in Gridiron. Some more affective than others, each has it's own situational use. The strength of the pass will be determined by the speed of the car during the time the ball is passed, so you'll want to keep that in mind as you look for a 'Hail Mary.'

Jump, then jump - The ball is gently released from the car with no spiral
Jump, then side flip - The ball is thrown with a spiral direction
Jump, then front flip - This acts as a punt forward
Jump, then back flip - This acts as a punt backwards
Jump, then diagonal flip - Acts similarly to front and back flip punts

If you are mid jump when you grab the ball you can flip without losing possession. Once your wheels touch the ground each passing play applies.

7. Out of Bounds

There is a line that represents out of bounds along the wall. It is a thick, unavoidable line that is a darker color blue or orange - depending on which side of the field the ball is on. Cross this, and you automatically lose possession of the ball.

The game mode won't be available after today, and it's not one to miss out on.