Rocket League Season 4: Everything You Need to Know

Rocket League Season Four
Rocket League Season Four / Photo courtesy of Psyonix/Epic Games

Rocket League Season 4 is now live on all platforms! Rocket League Season 4 is introducing a slew of new content: from items, to an arena, to game modes! Check out everything you need to know.

Rocket League Season 4: Everything You Need to Know

New Car

Rocket League Season Four Outlaw Car
Brand New "Outlaw" Car (pictured right) / Photo courtesy of Psyonix/Epic Games

Alongside Season 4, Psyonix introduced a brand new car to Rocket League called Outlaw. Outlaw uses the same hitbox as the Octane, so it should feel familiar to many players. Outlaw is available upon purchase of the Premium Rocket Pass at Tier 1.

New Arena

Rocket League Season 4 also came with a new arena playble in online, custom, and free play games called Deadeye Canyon.

Gameplay Changes

Psyonix added rank restrictions to those playing competitive or in tournaments with less than three members of their party, "to help preserve the balance of competitive play." Groups of two players who enter into 3-v-3 competitive play or tournaments must be within three ranks of each other in order to play together.

The change will not apply to any of the extra mode playlists nor will it apply to casual playlists.

Changes for Streamers

Rocket League now has a Streamer Safe Music setting that can be enabled by going to Settings then Audio. The setting will remove any music that could result in a DMCA violation.

Penalty Changes

Casual Playlist Abandonment Penalties

In an effort to stop the constant leaving that plagues Casual playlists, Psyonix added penalties for players who leave the matches early. The bans escalate based on the number of matches players leave.

First: Zero minutes
Second: Five Minutes
Third: 10 Minutes
Fourthl: 20 Minutes
Fifth: 40 Minutes
Sixth: 1 hour
Seventh and up: 2 hours

Don't fear if your team is losing badly and wants the game to be over though. The Casual playlist will also now have a "Vote to Concede" button so teams can still end the game early should they elect to.

Chat Penalty Changes

A new message will now pop up on players' screens if they're nearing a permanent ban. This message will appear upon launching the game. Past chat and games bans are considered when choosing to send out this message.

The message will pop up as follows: “Due to the number of bans issued on this account, the next ban from Psyonix may be permanent. Please do not use harassing or toxic language in future matches. For more information, please go to"

Tournament Changes

The final big change of the many coming to Rocket League Season 4 is new tournaments! This season also brought with it two new types of tournaments: Extra Mode Tournaments and 2v2 Tournaments. Both are now available in all Tournament regions.

The Extra Modes Tournaments will cycle through all four Extra Modes and will not have any affect on players' standard 3v3 Tournament Rank. Though Tournament Credits will still be awarded.