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Rocket League Season 7 Rocket Pass Explained

Photo Courtesy of Rocket League

With the start of Season 7 in Rocket League, that means we get the start of a brand new Rocket Pass. The animated Season 6 of Rocket League came to a close this morning, and with the end of one season brings the start of another. This time, Utopian-themed.

Rocket League Season 7 Battle Pass

Season 7 of Rocket League aims to give players some class in the garage. With the Utopian theme, many items will have that touch of class to really style your cars.

The Arena

With the new season of Rocket League, a new arena also comes along. The new arena is called Utopia Coliseum (Gilded). The new arena features marble floors, with some patches of grass and majestic archways along the sides. To see the map, watch the video on Rocket League's Twitter listed below.

The Car

The biggest new item in the garage is the new car, the Maestro. According to patch notes, the Maestro will use the same hitbox that the Dominus has, meaning, the car is flatter and lower to the ground than most other cars.

The biggest new item in the garage is the new car, The Maestro
The Maestro can be Seen Here, Front and Center / Photo Courtesy of Rocket League

Everything Else

For the rest of the Season 7 Rocket Pass, there are decals, boosts, wheels, and goal explosions. Most notably being the goal explosion awarded between tiers 61-70. This goal explosion is named the Phoenix Fire. Once the ball enters the goal and explodes, a Phoenix rises from the net. This explosion is available in all colors and looks amazing.