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Rocket League Unable to Download XP Data: How to Fix

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One of the biggest telltale signs of a players Rocket League prowess, or at least their time spent playing, is their XP level, but a new bug has provided players from downloading their XP data. Over time, some files in Rocket League can become corrupt which results in a prevention of new save files.

The lack of new save files results in variety of issues, including the downloading XP data bug. Luckily, there are steps players can take, here's how to fix Rocket League's newest XP bug:

Rocket League Unable to Download XP Data: How to Fix

Luckily the fix for this bug is quite simple and merely requires players to create a new, uncorrupted save file in the game. Creating this new save file doesn't have any impact on players' progress nor on the items in their inventory.

That's not to say that no data is loss when creating a new save file. It's important for players to note that before creating a new save file they must back up all of their current saved data. By backing up all of their saved data players will create back ups of any game replays, training sequences, video settings, and tutorial completion data.

The fix for the bug is universal though requires different steps across different systems. First, players must back up all of their saved data. Psyonix has a pages dedicated for troubleshooting the downloading XP data bug for each version of the game: Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch, Playstation, Steam, and Xbox.

Rocket League unable to download XP data: how to fix
Rocket League Season 4 has been off to a great start, but a new XP bug is causing a bump in the road. / Photo courtesy of Psyonix/Epic Games

Once players successfully complete the steps to back up their saved data for their respective version of the game the rest is simple. Players merely need to open Rocket League and then go to settings, then storage, then saved data, select the Rocket League option, press options and click delete. Doing this will delete all Rocket League saved data and a new save file should now be created.

From there, players should follow the steps outlined for the version of the game their using to recover their saved data. Information on how to recover the backed up data is available on the troubleshooting page for each version.

If this doesn't do the trick then players should contact Psyonix support page and detail the problem they're having with Rocket League.

Stay tuned to the Rocket League Status twitter for more information on bug fixes.