Rocket League v2.02 Explained

Photo courtesy of Psyonix/Epic Games

Rocket League v2.02 went live on Tuesday, bringing a ton of bug fixes players have been waiting for since Season 4's debut.

From small to major, these bugs have pestered players and in some cases prevented them from playing, but no longer. Here are all the bug fixes that Psyonix introduced with Rocket League v2.02:

Rocket League v2.02 Explained

Players rejoice, Rocket League v2.02 has put an end to the infuriating "duplicate login detected" bug! This bug came in the form of an error message that would appear after matches and sometimes even kicking players out mid-match.

The error was easy to fix and typically required a quick restart, nevertheless, it made some worry that their account information was jeopardized. Now that this message has fixed, players no longer have to worry about being prevented from queueing up nor do they have to worry that some has taken over their account.

Rocket League Season 4 "duplicate login detected" bug fixed by Rocket League v2.02
Players have been begging for a fix to the "duplicate login detected" bug since it first emerged / Photo courtesy of Psyonix/Epic Games

PlayStation 5 players wishing for a fix to the performance bug disabling 120 FPS play will have to wait until "early September" according to Rocket League's official v2.02 patch notes.

Meanwhile, Windows 7 players are finally free with the bug causing Rocket League to crash has been fixed. Also, the Nintendo Switch trading bug that harmed game performance should no longer affect players.

Psyonix also fixed two issues causing Rocket League to lock-up. With v2.02 live, neither a large list of friend requests nor usage of older account types should cause the game to lock up anymore.

Three music-related issues are all now fixed as well. DMCA-protected songs are no longer player if players manually choose them so long as the Streamer Safe setting is enabled. Song titles should now display correctly regardless of what language players have chosen. Finally, the volume issue players experienced with the "SMLE & Athena- ETERNAL" track should also be resolved.

The final three issues fixes are all miscellaneous gameplay ones. First, players will no longer see an incorrect Rank appear after their matches. Custom Tournaments are once again visible in the Tournament Browser. Lastly, the "NASCAR" Player Banner will display correctly in the garage for previous owners of the item.