Rocket League v2.04 Patch Notes Explained

Photo courtesy of Psyonix/Epic Games

Rocket League v2.04 dropped on Tuesday night, Sept. 14. The patch notes list the fixes and adjustments coming in the latest version of Rocket League. While there are only two changes to note, they are both important. One of them is quite literally game-changing and will force players to adapt how they communicate with teammates.

PS5 will finally have 120 FPS support, satisfying for all those PS5 owners longing for better and faster graphics. Special, 120 FPS compatible hardware is required to run the game at this rate, Psyonix notes. Players can visit Psyonix's official v2.04 patch notes page to for more information on how PS5 players can adjust their FPS settings.

The temporary removal of voice chat is the massive change on everybody's mind. Clearly, the voice chat feature is not up to Psyonix standards and they will be taking some time to improve this important feature. Psyonix biggest issues with their stem from it's failure to meet "modern standards, making it difficult to use in a fast-paced game environment." They also note issues caused by players lagging in game or game service disruptions.

Rocket League v2.04 Patch Notes
Rocket League's voice chat is long overdue for an update and Psyonix is finally giving it a revamp / Photo courtesy of Psyonix/Epic Games

Players will have to find a new form of communication as Psyonix announced "We are on track to bring voice chat back to the game in early 2022." Luckily, Discord, Playstation parties, Xbox parties, and plenty of other options exists which allow players to verbally communicate with one another whilst playing.

Psyonix's Known Issues page keeps track of other issues in the game that they are examining and will be fixing in the future.